Thursday, 26 September 2013

Always an adventure - exciting cushions from UK artist Ali Miller

Just had a lovely conversation with Ali Miller, a hugely talented London artist. She produces exciting, unique homeware designs and Purple Holly are proud to announce we will be showcasing her collection of cushions on our website shortly. Each cushion has a wonderful story based on her personal experiences of growing up in London, making her designs truly unique and original.  

Thinking of You is a cushion featuring a Butterfly with a boy.  The butterflies represent spirits and memories evoked from thinking of a loved one.

A lady on a car, nostagically named "Always on an Adventure."   It's a fun cushion based on Ali's experience as a kid driving in a licensed cab around London. 

 The Chair cushion represents being at home and the cosy feeling of conversation with a loved one.  The background on the chair is a pattern inspired by William Morris wallpaper.  The wallpaper Ali had at home whilst she was growing up as a child in London.

 Lady on a Horse cushion is centred on the theme "I'll carry you," and the image represents the emotions we experience when we provide support to someone else.  The woman on the horse is carrying the horse rather than the horse walking forward.  She is also holding some shopping bags, symbolizing more weight and a heavy load.

Ali Miller's quirky collection of cushions will be available on our website soon! 

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