Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Original Personalised Whiskey Gift for Fathers Day

Fantastic news, we've just started to receive orders for our engraved rocking whiskey glass for Father's Day! Our fab rocking whiskey glass can be personalised with your own message and is presented in a lovely black gift box for only £15.   

The engraved rocking whiskey glass was launched in October 2013 and since this time the glass has been very popular for birthdays, wedding parties, valentines day and fathers day.  We recently added a beer mug, wine glass, champagne glass and engraved photo frames  to our collection of personalised gifts. 

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Fun Mr Men Mugs make great gifts

Are you a Mr Happy or a Little Miss Sunshine? We all know a real life Mr Man or Little Miss, so what better gift then these fun Mr Men mugs. The back of each mug features a fun extract from the original books by Roger Hargreaves, so nostalgia can live on forever!  

The mugs feature the original characters from the book, are made of ceramic, and come packaged in a beautiful branded Mr Men Gift box.   Each of the characters each have their own interesting stories.

Did you know that Little Miss Chatterbox lives on top of a hill in a house shaped like a telephone box?
Did you know that Mr Grumpy's favourite food is Liverwurst sandwiches?
Did you know Little Miss Sunshine met the King of Miseryland on vacation and persuaded him to rename his castle grounds Laughter Land?
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Mr Men and Little Miss Mugs